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“Kardzhali 2009” Thrace Festival

 22 June 2009

Many of the Kardzhalians came together at Prostor Park in order to watch the performances on Saturday. During these performances many of the songs popular in Aegean and East Thracian immigrants were played.
“Kardzhali 2009” has opened by Yani Yaney, the president of D. Macarov Thrace Union. After greeting the guests he reminded that the Thrace is a region from the great Balkans to Aegean Sea and from Black Sea to Mesta. The governor of province Boyka Arabacieva also greeted the guests.
Petır Savcov from Perperikon Melpomena Union, one of the organizers of the International Perperikon Art Festival, stated that “I wish health and happiness for all of you and wish all of you to carry the Thrace and the world art in your souls”.
This is the third of the Thrace festival is organised in the festival days of Kardzhali. The presidents of İvaylovgrad ve Momcilgrad Thrace Unions, the headman of the Avren village, the representatives of the reading houses of the Municipality of Kardzhali were the official guests of the festival. The festival is organized by the “Dimitır Macarov” Thrace Union, Thrace Youth Union and the Municipality of Kardzhali.


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