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Water Mirror – A Dream Came True

 29 June 2009

Thousands of Kardzhalians participated to the opening ceremony of a facility that is the first one in Bulgaria called “Water Mirror”. Ceremony was carried out on Saturday near the Bridge Ardino. The Minister of Culture Prof. Stefan Danailov and Nurcan Hyuseyin, who is temporarily conducting the duties of the Mayor of Kardzhali, cut the ribbon with a length of 180 meters. Boyka Arabaciva, who is temporarily conducting the duties of governor of Kardzhali, Georgi Stanilov administrator of “Stanilov” company which built the “Water Mirror”, parliamentary candidates of 41st assembly, presidents of enterprises were also among the guests of the ceremony. Mr. Hüseyin said: “After 40 years dreams of our citizens came true. Today, we are witnessing to a historical event that will assist at the development of the region, not only at the development of Kardzhali.” Prof. Stefan Danailov stated that: “There are happy moments in life, and this is one of those moments. “Water Mirror” is drawing a different face to the city. The city will become one of the sports and vacation centers thanks to this facility.” Georgi Stanilov added these: “77 million Leva was provided by BKBB to build the “Water Mirror”. This facility can accumulate 1.5 million cubic meters and will protect Kardzhali from floods and will turn Arda River into a water channel. The restructures of riverbed began in 1971”. 28th Water Motor Sports Tournament was started with a solemn ceremony. The construction of “Water Mirror” made the dreams of many Kardzhalians dreams come true.


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