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 30 June 2009

According to the 1st and 2nd line of the 44th article of the Law of Local Government and Municipality in order to provide normal conditions to the parliamentary elections at 05.07.2009 I order:
1. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden to be sold in any market, dining hall, entertainment center and other public places between 04.07.08 20:00 o’clock and 05.07.2009 20:00 o’clock.
2. All the collective activities that would disturb community and conduct election campaign are forbidden on 05.07.2009.
3. I charge the director of “GRAON” with giving information about the 1st and 2sn Artictes to the people who want to get married on the day of election.
4. The citizens of municipality, the parts of Ministry of the Interior and village headmen should be informed about these directions. The Director of Kardzhali İİB BM is responsible with the application of these directions.

Mayor of Kardzhali
/Engineer N. Yusein/

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