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 03 July 2009

Many Kardzhalians were cheated by telephone forgers and lost money and jewelry. Commonly forgers call home numbers and make up different stories. The mostly used story is “your relative had a car accident”. Forgers tell that your relative killed a person in the accident and that you had to give some money in order to avoid your relative to get arrested. They also warn you not to inform the police and take the money with a vehicle. Likewise the want money for the packet from a relative from abroad, your lottery ticket, kidnapping.
• Mostly forgers rush to get the money. First the amount of the money they want is first but they reduce this amount later.
• If any stranger calls your home and wants some money, do not hurry. Tell them that you need some time and call the police.
• If your relative calls first, try to find out the conditions. Telephone forgers usually pretend as if they are your relative and try to panic you and take some money. Insist on talking with your relative, try to get information about the names and events, contact to people you know.
• Do not give personal information to other forgers, because they can use this against you.
• Do not accept the offer of taking money to another city.
Forgers change their story many times.
Do not believe in people you do not know, do not give money, if you suspect call 166 or 112.

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