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Archeology Activities Has Started

 07 July 2009

This week “the archeology summer” has started in Kardzhali by the excavation at the Trak Stone City of Perperikon by the crew of Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov. For this purpose, one hundred people were hired from the villages at the neighborhood. Prof. Ovcharov stated that there are too many applications for the jobs. He also stated that their budget is 185 thousand Levs and the excavation will last until the beginning of the September.
Prof. Ovcharov also made an explanation about a recently discussed event which is the claim of a discovery of some historical ruins at the North Bulgaria like the ones in Perperikon. A few weeks before, the president of the Ruse Speleologists Club, Evgeni Koev, stated that these ruins found around the Rusenski Lom River. However, Prof. Ovcharov explained that most probably these are ruins of the monasteries of the Middle Age.
The works on the Central of Visitor also continue with the archeological studies. At the moment, the construction corporation is working on the excavations and in a very short time, the restoration of the head of the Klise which is remained from 9th-11th centuries and located around Gorna Krepost Village by the group of Arc. Peev.


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