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The Children From Kardzhali Will Have Holiday in Manisa

 08 July 2009

By the support of the Municipality of Kardzhali, 226 children will go abroad for their holiday during July and August. Today, the first 40 person group went to the city of Manisa in Turkey. The parents and the relatives of many of the children saw them off. The Vice-Mayor, Elisaveta Kehayova, and the president of the Principality of Education, Şirin Süleyman, wished the children a safe journey and a nice holiday.
One of the mothers stated that they are so happy about the organizations of the visiting of their children to the sibling municipalities in Turkey and Greece. She also stated that the organization is wonderful and shehope that the children would have an unforgettable 10-day trip. Just before leaving the children said that they were impatience about waiting for this trip and they hoped that the holiday would be wonderful.
The city of Manisa is around Izmir and it is about 750 km away from Kardzhali.
The children in the group are from different schools of Kardzhali and they are selected by a committee composed of the some of the teachers and the principal of that school. The next group is going to move from Kardzhali on 28th of July and they will visit the city of Komotini of Greece. At the beginning of the August, another group will go to Istanbul to join a scouting camp.
During this summer, 70 children will visit Kardzhali from the cities of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Tekirdag from Turkey and the city of Komotini from Greece.


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