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Letter to OLAF is prepared for the Market

 13 July 2009

The payments for the project of the Farmers Market of Kardzhali by the SAPARD Agency has not started, yet. Today, in the press conference, Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis said that a letter was sent to the municipality which told that the payments would start by the end of this month. He reminded that there have been made two audits so far. He also reminded that two violations assigned after the first inspection, but within a month of this meeting these violations were removed and after the second audit it was stated that the project is carried out according to the aim of the project and the plan. Despite this, the payments are delayed so the interest of the loan was over 1 200 000 Levs.
Today, the Mayor exactly said: "After these two inspection if the Agency cannot decide whether to make the final payment or not, the municipal administration and the management of "Manufacturers Market" Corp. are ready to offer an on-site audit to SAPARD Agency, the European Commission and OLAF. Hence, we clearly show that we are not worried about the Market project."
Eng. Azis emphasized that the fines would be paid, if there were more violations that were overlooked. The Mayor said that the letters to the institutions and organizations are ready to be sent and until the end of the week, the meetings with the SAPARD Agency will start.

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