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Crisis Program

 15 July 2009

Municipality of Kardzhali is preparing precautionary measures due to financial crisis. Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis said that the worldwide financial crisis might also affect the municipality. Mayor stated that the municipalities will benefit 80% instead of 90%, which means 20% decrease in monetary aid from state. As long as the state budget has provided good data this money could be taken as the end of the year as central monetary aid. 20% decrease means 8.000.000 Levs for the Municipality of Kardzhali. Currently the annual budget of the Municipality of Kardzhali is 42.000.000 Levs, 12% of which is debt.
Eng. Azis also has shared the following: "A program due to a severe crisis will be accepted. For this purpose, at the beginning of next week each department and managers of the municipal companies has to submit proposals. This also means restraint of some of the public spending. Some of the expenditures for sieve and construction will be stopped. Daily expenditures of the Municipal administration will also be restricted.”
One of the first steps taken for this purpose is to arrange the timing of the street lamps in the municipality. In order to use less energy and save street lamps will be lighted within a specific. This will not be applied for the lamps of the main streents. Currently, the monthly expenditure for the street lights is 40.000 Levs. With the new regime monthly savings can be between 10.000 and 12.000 Levs

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