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Kardzhalian Dancers Got Medal in Lithuania

 17 July 2009

Culture House of Music and Dance Qansambli, won one silver and two bronze medals at Third International Folklore Festival performed in Lithuania. Kardzhalian dancers and musicians gained many new friends by their great show. With medals and certificates our group was given 420 Euros as prize.

"Sun Flower" International Festival was held between July 8 and 12 in the city of Şaulay in Lithuania. Representatives gave nine concerts in a week. 16 groups from 12 countries took place in this festival in Lithuania. Kardzhali Culture House had concerts in almost all continents, but went to this country for the first time.

Executive Director of Arts and Culture House Ensemble, Vasko Vasilev, said participation in Lithuania brought great success and thanked Municipal Management of Kardzhali for their support.


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