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Certificate of Appreciation for Good Cooperation with Scientists

 21 July 2009

The Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis got a certificate from Bulgaria Scientists Association (BSA). This certificate was given by the President of the Association’s Kardzhali Office Assoc. Dora Yançeva. In the award ceremony Ms Yançeva said: “This year is the 65th year of BSA. This is he proof of the stability of this organization which serves for people. BSA Executive Board evaluated the attitude of the politician and statesman to science and rewarded some of them. Eng. Hasan Azis is one of the four mayors to get this reward. This certificate is to thank him for his policies to scientists in Kardzhali. These scientists play an important role in city life and the district administrators did not underestimate this role.” Eng. Hasan Azis said: “This certificate is a grade given for jointly working. Municipality of Kardzhali wanted to take the advantage of science potential of the city.” Hasan Azis reminded that several scientific conferences were realized for this purpose. Mayor mentioned that their expectation from Kardzhali BSA is increasing cooperation to perform projects at the fields of economy, tourism, environment, health and education. Municipality will organize a conversation in September to identify the future plans. Today Eng. Hasan Azis shared the idea of a conference at which experts (historians, ethnography experts) will take place and information about the establishment of Kardzhali will be presented.


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