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Let’s Help to Eva

 21 July 2009

Artists, art lovers and guests, guests from Latvia came together in he garden of the house of Kerim. This meeting was actually for a girl that has colorful pictures but unable to meet with colleagues and friends because of her illness. The purpose of the exhibition, "Let's Help to Eva", was supporting Eva Paskova in her treatment by the sale of her paintings and the paintings of other painters from the region. Young painter’s "Sun", "Power of Dreams," "Night and Day", "Parrot", "The greats of forest", "X-Ray Eyed Fish" was just a few of the exhibition tables. Penka Atanasova from the founders of "Dar" Art Gallery has shared the following: "There was a great interest to the exhibition before the official opening, the first sales are done, it is also very happy we hope that, we will be able to collect more money for Eva's treatment. We try to make her feel that she is not alone and we want her to keep drawing.”

Three of the paintings were purchased by the Municipality of Kardzhali, five pictures went to the private collections, while the rest 8 paintings were purchased by the companies and organizations, so the first night 2000 Levs was collected. Dimitır Ganev from the "Culture" Section of the Municipal Administration said: “Our Municipality supports every young talented person. We wish Eva to be healthy as soon as possible and continue to draw pictures.” Beside Eva’s paintings Emil Pençev, Pavlina and Vladimir Çukiç, Hari and Penka Atanasovi, Hristo Gaberov, Maya Meçeve, Vladko Paskov, Atanas Çakırov, İveta Stoyanova, Kamber Kamber, Georgi Şişkov, Vanya Petkova and some other artists exhibited their paintings.

Anete from Latviya who is being guest to Rhodopes and Kardzhali for the second time, evaluated Eva’s paintings as "They are about life and nature, they have energy."

Eva's mother Veliçka Paskova shared these: "This is Evan's third exhibition, I appreciate what her friends and colleagues do for her. All these will give hope to Eva."

"Let's Help to Eva" Exhibition will remain at Kerim’s home until the end of July; you can visit the exhibition and contribute.


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