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“Arpezos-North” Park Project is Started

 24 July 2009

Yesterday the agreement to perform “Arpezos-North” Park was signed. The society will benefit from this park. Kardzhali Municipality prepared this project as a part of the park areas of the city. Today Eng. Hasan Azis, the Mayor of Kardzhali said that: “With this project it has been applied to Area Development Operative Program. The total worth of this project is 10 million Levs. "Arpezos-North" Park will be constructed over an area of 240 000 square meters.” It is planed that there will be mini soccer field, volleyball and tennis courts, paths for pedestrians and bicycles, a lake, an attractive bridge etc. in this park. Eng. Azis mentioned these: “The Municipality of Kardzhali is the only municipality in Bulgaria that has a general conception of park areas. This project will complete the general view of the city after the water mirror.” According to Mayor if all the procedures related to this project finish the construction of the park will begin at the beginning of next year. The construction will last 18-20 months according to the program. Eng> Hasan Azis also added these: “The duration of the construction of the park will be determined according to the requirements of Area Development Operative Program. I am sure that with the experience of Municipality of Kardzhali the project will be terminated at time.”

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