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The Art Makes Us to Join Together

 20 August 2009

Kardzhali Municipality won a project from the Center of Inclusion of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities to Education (COİDUEM) as stated below:
Name of the project: The Art Makes Us to Join Together
Financier Institution: COİDUEM
Event Procedure, Program 2: Ethnic Minority Children and Students from the Culture Protection and Development
Institutions will be the manager of the project: Kardzhali Municipality
Event Procedure, Program 2: Protection and Development of the Culture of the Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities
Partner of the project: Kardzhali "Detelina" Children's Center
Project Period: From 01.10.2009 to 31.05.2009
The project cost: 9 940 Levs

The main objective of the project "The Art Makes Us to Join Together " is to maintain and develop the "other’s" culture, by recognizing the cultural differences, customs and traditions in daily life of the children and students from ethnic minorities. To achieve this goal, three clubs will be established: "Image", "Folklore", "puppet of the actor". Among 100 students from these ethnic groups from 3 to 7 years old and their parents will take place in the project. Art activities will take place in clubs thanks to increase the interest of children to kindergarten in a natural way and to overcome the communication problems. The club activities will take 8 months, 2 times per week and these activities will be prepared by the expert instructors. For this purpose "Talents" rooms will be held. This art schools also include the clubs of the United Nations Children's Center of Kardzhali "Skilled Hands," "Theater" and "Vocal Group". The project will end with concerts and exhibitions.

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