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Orpheus 2009 Summer Music Academy

 25 August 2009

Orpheus to 2009 Summer Music Academy will be hosted by Kardzhali and Momçilgrad from August 30 to September 6. The organizers of this activity are the Municipality of Kardzhali Kardzhali with Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis and the Municipality of Momçilgrad with Mayor Erdinç Hayrula. The partners of the activity are "Les Orpheistes" Union and the New Bulgarian University of Sofia. The guests also the instructors of the Orpheus Summer Music Academy are Mario Hosen from Austria, Yoel Yeni from Switzerland, Kazatuka Takahaşi from Japan, the president of Orpheus Summer Music Academy and the "Music" section of Sofia New Bulgarian University Prof. Mollova Milena. The academy's artistic director is Maestro Mario Hosen. Mr. Hosen is a world-famous soloists. He was studied in Vienna and Paris and has given concerts in 30 countries.
Within the2009 Summer Music Academy Orpheus art schools will be held by the Orpheus Youth Orchestra Academy. 25 university students, professors and assistants from Austria, Switzerland, China, Spain and the United States will take place in Orpheus in the 2009 Summer Music Academy, Bulgaria. By the art schools in 2009 season, it is planning to support the groups from Bulgaria and the Europe. Also cultural tourism in East Rhodops will be supported by the Orpheus Classic Art Festival.

Orpheus Academy of Music Program 2009
Momçilgrad "Konak" Hotel
30 August, Sunday
12:00 Travel to Plovdiv
14:00 Settlement to the hotel
August 31-September 3, Monday-Thursday
08:30-12:00 courses
12:00-13:00 group rehearsals
16:30-19:00 orchestra rehearsals
4 September, Friday
10:00-13:00 Dress Rehearsal
16:00 Travel to Kardzhali
18:00 Concert in Kardzhali
September 5-Saturday
10:00-13.00 Dress Rehearsal
18:00 Concert
September 6, Sunday
10:00 Travel to Kardzhali
11:00 Concert in Kardzhali Museum
13.30 Travel to Plovdiv


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