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Kardzhali BCM Has Been Opened

 01 October 2009

United Nations Children's Center in new training Kardzhali (BCM), "Painting and Art Department," Department of Science and Technology "and" Sports and Tourism Department "in three sections to offer 27 different activities. "Computer World", "Bilgili Club", "Health, Home, Speech", "Ethnography", Children and Youth Parliament, the Radio Club, "Gepi" Youth Television Studio, Painting School, Photography Club, Table Tennis, Children's Vocal Group, Modern Ballet, such as the Eastern School of Martial Arts has become a traditional activity and interest for several years has been great. New activities is presented BÇM'nin teaching English.
The aim of Children's Center out of school by providing intellectual and cultural level of education is high, national consciousness developed, with human and national values, personality and skills developed to educate children. The Club is free to be written to and the children are registered according to the client and interests. Education and children's free time free to evaluate the work performed by expert faculty who are under 9.
This year is BÇM'nin doors will be open from Monday until Cumartesi'ne. Those who want to participate in activities more information can telephone number 6-23-24.

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