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The Road to the Visegrad Garbage Dump is Shut Off

 02 October 2009

The citizens of Kardzhali "Gledka" and "Gorna Gledka" neighborhoods reported that they would organize demonstrations if the transition problems of the garbage trucks going to Visegrad dump would not be solved. Today, the route between two neighborhoods was closed for 15 minutes by 50 citizens. On the banners of the protesters, it wrote "CSB, Governor, Municipality of Kardzhali. Resolve the problem!", "The road to garbage cannot pass here!" and "peace for our children!".
The protest was organised because of the 10 days delay of payment of 500 000 Leva's promised by the temporary CSB passing through the village of Gluhar to the dump.
Father Boyan Sarıev, the president of the Committee who has been expressing the problems for three months, stated that "We want to resolve the problem; we don’t want to listen to unreliable promises."
The signature taking campaign, that is performed in order the garbage trucks not to pass through the center of the neighborhood in where the kindergarten and grocery are located, still continues. Today, before the demonstrations, the protesters conversed with the Mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis, and the vice minister Evdokiya Maneva who promised for 500000 Leva for the construction of the temporary road.
The citizens told that the state must find money for a road of 1.5 km length. They said “there is no more asphalt on the road but it is full of hollows. We breath dust ever day and the number of asthma patients increase day by day.” Finally they told that they will continue to protest on next Tuesday week, if the preventions won’t be taken.
Today, many trucks could not reach the dump because of the 15 minutes long protest. The protesters let only the ambulances, company vehicles and citizens pass through the road.
Last month, about 1200 truck had passed through the neighborhood. Currently only the garbage trucks of Kardzhali, Jebel, Ardino and İvaylovgrad are passing through the road. It is also expecting that the vehicles from Krumovgrad, Çernooçene and Kirkovo will use that road.


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