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The Decision of CBS Environmental Protection Specialist High Council is Appealed

 06 October 2009

Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis who participated the session of the Board mentioned these: "Kardzhali Municipality will use its right to appeal the decision that gives permission of installation of the construction of the gold mines to “Gorubso-Kardzhali” Company. The permission was given by CSB Environmental Protection Specialist High Council (CBS EPSHC) yesterday.”
Aplications to National Assembly, the European Parliament and European Commission will be made on this matter.Mayor stated that only two of the members of CBS EPSHC refused the offer while four stated that they are not abstaining. One of the people who refused the offer was Head of Environmental Protection of Kardzhali Municipality, Asya Dobrucalieva.
Eng Azis stated that: "As the Mayor of Kardzhali, I support the efforts to move the " Gorubso - Kardzhali " Company’s production away from residential areas. We have to take the responsibility in front of the neighbors, Greece and Turkey. I believe that, we will be supported by the citizens of Kardzhali.”
Town Council Chairman Seyfi Necib said these: “We are planning to prepare a referendum of the acceptence of prussiate technology in Kardzhali. This proposal will be presented to be debated in parliament in November.”
At the press conference, the mayor said that they were ready to negotiate with the management and the staff of “Gorubso – Kardzhali” Company.


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