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"Old Masters" will be guest to the National Assembly

 06 October 2009

Some works that take place in the Kardzhali “Stanka Dimitrova” BSG “Old Masters” exhibition will be displayed in the Assembly Hall of the National Deputy. Today, Mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis and head of the experts of the National Assembly "Protocol" section, Vladimir Manolov, agreed on this issue. During the conversation they agreed that the exhibition will be officially opened on the 22nd of October at 11:00 in the capital. Art lovers will be able to see about 25 paintings in the "Old Masters". This activity takes place in the program prepared by the Municipality of Kardzhali due to the Kardzhali Day. Before meeting with the mayor Mr. Manolov visited the art gallery and chose paintings that will be shown in the capital.
A few days ago Kardzhali "Stanka Dimitrova" Art Gallery "Old Masters" exhibition returned from Haskovo. Three years ago this exhibition had awakened great interest in the presentation in Sofia Picture Academy Hall. It was the time when the paintings of Ivan Mırkviçka, Yaroslav Veşin, Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora, Dimitır Gücenov, Benço Obreşkov, Genko Genkov and Dimitır Kazakov’s restored paintings were shown for the first time.


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