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 07 October 2009

Program of cultural activities organized by the Municipality of Kardzhali due to the Kardzhali Day, 21st of October
1. The opening of the "The Furute of the Herons" Exhibition and the premiere of the film about the Herons in Kardzhali
Location: "Obedinenie" Reading House Great Hall
Time: 18.00
1. "President Abraham Lincoln" guest exhibition – 200th year of his birth - "American Friends" Association
Location: Area History Museum
Time: 11.00
2. The introduction of Karakoleva’s three novels for children: "Most Valuable Gold", "Yellow Star Trek" and "Queen Lik" - methods of reading these in elementary schools, with the participation of Dr. M. N. Dülgerova and literary critic N. Ivanov.
Location: “L. Karavelov” Institute Library
Time: 12:00
1. The introduction of Karakoleva’s three novels for children: "Most Valuable Gold", "Yellow Star Trek" and "Queen Lik" / national premiere / with the participation of N. Ivanov, B. Kasabova and M. Dılgıçeva
Location: "Obedinenie" Read House Small Hall
Time: 15.00
2. "Petya Karakoleva" National Award Ceremony of the Children's Literature
Location: "Obedinenie" Reading House Great Hall
Time: 18.00
1. "The Magic World of the Rhodopes - Kardzhali 2009" Children's Arts Days
- “The Magic World of the Rhodopes” National Contest of Children Pictures
- "The Tales of Kardzhali Photos" National Competition of Photography
Location: City Children's Center
Opened: 17.10.2009
Time: 11.00
1. Closing section of the Second "Let's Include Children in Tourism-Kardzhali 2009" National Children's Festival Tourism
Location: "Champions" the path of Environment Korupa
Time 09.00
19. 10.2009
1. The opeening of the Kardzhali Union of Painters and the exhibition of the architect Stanislav Lukov'un organised due to the Kardzhali Day
Location: Kerim's House
Time: 18.00
1. Folklore concert of KÇF group due to the Kardzhali Day.
Location: Culture House
Time: 18:30
1. Leaving wreaths and flowers infront of the monument of General Delov
Location: General Delov’s monument
Time: 10:00
2. Celebration session of the Municipal Assembly due to the Kardzhali Day
Location: Great hall of the municipality
Time: 10.30
3. Celebration Parade
Location: Culture House
Time: 11:30
4. Celebration ceremony and concert due to Kardzhali Day
Location: Memorial Osvoboditelite
Time: 12:10
5. "Milka's Children 2009" National Tour – Presentation of Kraft Foods Bulgaria for Kardzhalian children
- Blowing the Milka Castle
- Milka inflatable cow
- 3D puzzle
- Ski competition
- Sack competition, etc..
Location: In front of V. Levski Monument
Time: 11.00
6. Young People Love Scenery
Location: City Garden
Time: 16.00
1. Opening of the exhibition of “Old Masters” from the fund of Kardzhali "Stanka Dimitrova" Municipal Picture Gallery
Location: Sofuya National Assembly, National Deputy Club
Time: 11.00
2. The introduction of the new book and art of Spas Mavrov
Location: "N. Y. Vaptsarov "BK
Time: 11.00
1. The premiere of the show called “We are the Sparrows” performed by the Kardzhali "Obedinenie" Reading House Children's Theater Group
Location: "Obedinenie" Reading House Great Hall
Time: 11.00
1. Presentation of the book of Dimitır Derlipanski
Location: Gorubso’s refectory
Time: 17.00
1. Literary activities – Presentation of the book “Senden Sonra Yok” by Azis Tas / interpreter / and Maya Tsenova / Arabic Language Specialist
Location: "Krig" Art Gallery
Time: 17.00
2. Presenttaion of the books of Azis Tas.
Location: "N. Y. Vaptsarov" BK
Time: 17:30

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