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 07 October 2009

Within the cultural program of municipality because of the Kardzhali Day on 21st of October, Krig Art Operation prepared several activities in October. One of these activities was to accomodate youth culture expert Constans Barer Dangleter from Brussels in Dijdovnitsa. Now, Mr. Danglete is working on the European PROJECT about introduction of young artists and their works. The purpose of this project is to bring the organizations and artists with different art techniques from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the Balkans together. The culture expert met with Constans in Kardzhali and the musicians, Ruman Spasov and Daniela Peneva.
The selection of the places where this project will be performed in Europe are determined with the selection of the locations that will take place in the “2010 Art Arshipenal Priect” and artists from the country by Constans Barer Dangleter. As one of the art regions Kardzhali is also determined. In Kardzhali and Dıjdıvnitsa, Constans introduced his diary after the meetings. More information about the project can be obtained from the European Cultural Association site:
In Dijdovnitsa musicians and cultre expert attended the entertainment consisting of 200 people.They recorded sounds, songs, clothes and dances. At the end of the october exhibition will be opened in the Art Gallery that will introduce the Palestine culture. The exhibition will be opened on the 30th of October ad will be here until the 15th of November.


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