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The Future of the Herons

 08 October 2009

The team of Kardzhali "Obedinenie" Reading Hause prepared a project called "The Future of the Herons" in the autumn of 2008. Project was funded by "Ekoobştnost" Foundation. In order to prevent the extinction of herons in Kardzhali a few entrepreneurs formed their own natural protection club within a year.
The people who are eager to glance the birds in the Kardzhali region, to learn more about the birds and to see the beauty of them, can visit the exhibition of photos called “The Future of the Herons” and watch the film's first representation prepared by the team working on the “The Future of the Herons” Project. The exhibition and the representation of the film will be in the “Obedinenie” OE Hall on the 8th of October at 16:00.

406 bird species are living in Bulgaria. Some of these can be seen in every season of the year, while others are seen by a few lucky people. Kardzhalians may be included in the second group, because a year ago 30 pairs of Heron were setteled to the shores of Arda River. Thanks to the environmental protection association, Kardzhali Municipality and Institutions, and "The Future of the Herons" Project Team more Herons can be seen in the branches of the trees.
The white heron bird, white-headed water hen, little water bull and green-headed duck which are referred in the Red Book of Bulgaria and are protected by the Natural Wealth Protection Law may be seen in the areas where Herons exist.


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