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“Petya Karakoleva” Prize is Given

 16 October 2009

Today, three novels of Petya Karakoleva will be introduced in the lounge of the "Obedinenie" reading house at 15.00. The critics Blagosveta Kasabova and Nikola Ivanov, and the young writer Maya Dılgıçeva will talk about the novels of Petya.
This presentation is the national premiere of the two novels of Petya. The author is addressed to friendship, the most important values, childhood, peace and solidarity using the power of a fairy tale heros.
The novels "The Most Precious Gold", "Yellow Star Trek" and "Queen Lik" was also examined at the meeting held in the Kardzhali "Luben Karavelov 'Institute library. These three books took their places in the library of the institute. They are donated to the library by the family of the Petya.
This evening,”"Petya Karakoleva" National Children's Literature Award will be given for the fifth time. The ceremony will be held at the "Obedinenie" Reading Home at 18.00. In the previous years, Cyrillic Nazırov, Pancho Pançev, Pince Dede and Atanas Zvezdinov won the prize.

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