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Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis, Gledka and Gorna Supported the Protest of Gledka Citizens

 19 October 2009

The citizens of “Gledka” and “Gorna Gledka” neighborhoods closed the road of trucks going to the Visegrad dump. Citizens had the official permission to protest between 11:00 and 17:00 given by the municipality. The Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis took place in the protest in order to support the requests of the citizens.

“CSB, Governor, Kardzhali Municipality – Solve your Problems”, “The Path to Garbage Fail here!” and “Clean and Serene Life to our Children” were written on the banners of the protesters. Among the protesters there were mothers and children.

An elderly lady said that it was impossible to live there, it was very noisy and she added that the asphalt on the road was worn away. Faik Chaushev showed the cracks in his house that appeared because of the garbage trucks’ passing beyond there. And mothers shared their concerns about the health and safety of their children.

This is the second protest that took place within 15 days. It was held because 20 days passed after the promise of CBS of 500 thousand Levs for the road passing through the Gluhar Village. Mayor reminded that Deputy Minister of Environment, Evdokiya Maneva had promised to pay attention to this issue. The project of garbage depot that won 30 million Euros from the Europe Programs might not be actualized if the financial support to pave the freeway to Visegrad dump is not provided.

In the afternoon, Mr. Azis mentioned this issue to the Governor of Kardzhali Ivanka Taushanova again. Two managers agreed to work together on this issue.

Governor went between the CBS for the freeway with Mr. Azis’s request. Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Evdokiya Maneva reported to Mrs. Taushanova that 2.5 million Levs was allocated to the road in the Budget of 2010.


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