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Owner of the “Petya Karakoleva” Award is Nikolay Milchev

 19 October 2009

Poet Nikolay Milchev is the owner of this year’s “Petya Karakolaeva” National Children Literature Award. The books of Mr. Milchev was selected among the books of Zoya Vasileva, Tsvetan lalov, Georgi Markov, Veli Chaushev, Katya Vodenicharova and Stanka Pencheva. Award ceremony was held on October 16 in the Large Hall of Kardzhali “Obedinenie” Reading House. This celebration brought many people who like the art of Petya together. The chairman of the jury, Atanas Zvezdinov, announced the winner of the award and a statue made by Kardzhalian sculptor, Emil Penchev, was given by the deputy mayor, Elisaveta Kehayova. Poet Nikolay Milchev said these while taking his award: “I would like to thank while accepting the Petya National Literature Award. I cannot express my happiness with words at the moment.”
National Children Literature Award that is given on behalf of poet Petya Karakoleva is given for five years. Until now, the owners of this award were Kiril Nazirov, Sevda Sevan, Pancho Panchev- Pinch Dede and Atanas Zvezdinov.
The last owner of the award, Nikolay Milchev was born in 1958 in Pleven. He has about 10 books of poetry. He won several national literary awards. His poems have been translated into Russian, English, German and into Hungarian.


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