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Stefana Vasileva is Nominated as a Candidate of “Honorary Citizen”

 20 October 2009

Stefanka Vasileva who is a biology expert, lecturer and an environmentalist, is nominated as a candidate of “Honorary Citizen of the Kardzhali Municipality” because of her contribution to the announcement of the beauty and richness of East Rhodopes and to the protection of this area. Kardzhali Branch of Union of Bulgarian Scientists came up with idea of nominating her as a candidate. This nomination will be confirmed at the session of Town Council on October 21, 2009. Stefana Vasileva was born in Chirpan in November 6, 1919. She is a graduate of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski” University “Biology” Department and since 1946 has lived in Kardzhali. She worked as a lecturer. She established the “Wealth of Nature in the Kardzhali Province” Exhibition in the Science and Technology Center in 1978. The exhibition includes 300 unique minerals and plant species that are extinct. The establishment of the “Nature” Department of the History Museum in 1983 is also her success. She discovered 16 new regions where the plants that are referred as protected in the Bulgaria’s Red Book are grown and made preparations to publish this book in the Kardzhali Province. She has very valuable science books and publications.

The Freedom of Kardzhali is being celebrated since 21st of October 1977. Since that 22 honorary citizens were elected.

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