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Art Lovers’ Celebration

 20 October 2009

Yesterday evening, many art lovers came together at the Center of Kardzhali Union of Art. Traditional exhibition of painters organized due to 21st October Kardzhali Day was opened. In this exhibition, 16 artists exhibit 47 works. The chief of gallery Penka Atanasova shared the following about the exhibition: “In fact, there is an additional improvement in this exhibition. Visitors will b impressed by the stone vases of Atanas Chakirov and Ridvan Yusuf’s “Sun” topical tree carving miniatures.”

Mrs. Atanasova, also shared that an photo exhibition including the photos of the buildings of architecture Stanislav Lukov was organized at the Kerim’s House.

Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis said these in front of the guests: “Tonight the Union of Painters and the Union of Architects took us into the world of great art. Tonight we have seen once again that we should be proud of Kardzhalian artists.”

Mayor welcomed the idea of promoting the works of the architecture Stanislav Lukov who brought a new and contemporary look to Kardzhali with joy. Mayor of Kardzhali invited the guests, including the Rotary Club Members and business people, to participate the opening of the “Stanka Dimitrova” SG “Old Masters” Collection on the 22nd of October that will be exhibited in the National Assembly. Mayor said that: “We would like to introduce the rich content of our Gallery not only in Sofia but also in other cities.”

Mayor shared that the idea of introducing the works of artists of Kardzali at the National Assembly next year was being reviewed. Among these artists Vladimir Chukich, Cemal Emurlov, Emil Penchev, Hari Atanasov, Hristo Gaberov, Maya Mecheva, Pavlina Chukich, Kamber Kamber, Iveta ve Ivan Stoyanov, Penka Atanasova, Vanya Petkova and Eva Paskova will also take place.


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