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Vasileva Stefana Became the New Honorary Citizen of Kardzhali

 22 October 2009

Vasileva Stefana became the new honorary citizen of Kardzhali. This title is given by the Municipal Assembly unanimously in the session held due to the Kardzhali Day celebration. Stefana Vasileva won this award a few days before his 90th birthday. He was nominated to this award by the Association of Scientists.

The Mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis, gave the award to Stefana Vasileva while stating that this award is given to him because of his contribution in the promotion and protection of the nature of Kardzhali and said him: “You served not only our city but also to whole Bulgaria.”

During his talk, Stafana Vasileva said: “In 1946 when I had visited the city for the first time, it was starting from the current center. Decade ago, when I visited Kardzhali, I saw a modern city. Yesterday when I came here, the city enchanted me.”
For the city he lived most of his life in Stafana Vasileva wrote these words to the city's honor book: “I wish the city of Kardzhali to continue to grow and become more beautiful and health and happiness to its citizens.”

The title “Honorary Citizen of Kardzhali” has been given since 1977. Since then 27 persons won this title.

Poets Mladen Isaev and David Ovadiya, author Nikolay Haytov, long distance captain Georgi Georgiev, theater director Filip Filipov, musician Dimitir Petkov, cosmonauts Georgi Ivanov and Nikolay Rukavishnikov, architect Mihail Savov, weightlifters Naim Suleymanoglu, Marin Stoyanov, painter Stanka Dimitrova, sculptor Vejdi Raşidov archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov, the president of "Fanko" holding Sam Gay Natan, journalist Mara Mihaylova, teachers Murad Muradov, Balet Hikmet Mehmedov, historian Prof. Elena Statelova, clarinetist Ivo Papazov, construction master Trendafil Uzunov, director of the College of Mines and Geology Prof. Vladko Panayotov, astronomy expert Slavey Zlatev, one of the former mayors of Kardzhali Petko Kalchev, painter Cemal Emurlov – Cimi won this title before. Yesterday Stefana Vasileva joined to this list.



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