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Eng. Azis is the Owner of the "Dobrolyubie" Award

 22 October 2009

The Mayor of Eng. Hasan Azis was given the "Dobrolyubie" Award due to his continuous support for the improvement of "Dobrolyubie" Hospice. Award was given by the president of health center, Zdravko Karamitrev , at the celebration session of the Kardzhali Municipal Council yesterday.

President Zdravko Karamitrev said these: "Broad public support provided the first steps to “Dobrolyubie” Hospice and made it a perfect application to Europe.”

President Karanitrev said that the support of the Mayor of Kardzhali began by the execution of the project and persisted until nowadays.

"Dobrolyubie" Award is a miniature prepared by painter Emil Penchev. This award will be given to people who have assistance to the improvement of the "Dobrolyubie" Hospice. The award is given by the management of "Dobrolyubie" Hospice due to the establishment of the social institution that coincides with the 21st of October Kardzhali Day. Yesterday this award was given for the first time.


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