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Young People’s Outdoor Scenery

 22 October 2009

Young people showed their skills at the 21st of October, Kardzhali Day. At 16.00 past Georgi Dimitrov monument area next to the “Dimitir Dimov” Theater turned into an open stage where the Kardzhalian young people had chance to make their dreams of taking stage in front of the audiences come true. The idea of open scenery of young people of the promoters was performed in May 2008 for the first time. We can say that this became a tradition.

The regulation of such activities makes the young people in Kardzhali to participate the cultural life of the city. At the stage dances of different styles were presented and young musicians proved that the best music affected everyone. Folk dances were also presented to the audience's appreciation. At the open scenery for young people, “Svetlina Reading House dance group” from the Chiflik Village; Cansu Ali and Bilyana Arsova from “Vl. Dimitrov-Maystora” School; Dr. Morales, Son2Crew, Dimitir and Elesmer rap dancers; BCM Karate Club and Taekwondo Club; Kristina, Nikoleta, Radoslava, Mariana and Miroslav from Group "Music Rush" took place. Their performances were presented by Nikolina, Radoslav, Denitsa and Deniz.

These activities were organized by the Municipality of Kardzhali and Kardzhali BCM.


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