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“Old Masters” Collection was Guest to the National Assembly

 23 October 2009

Yesterday, President of National Assembly, Tsetsa Tsancheva and Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis opened an exhibition at the National Assembly. 25 tables have been exhibited from the “Stanka Dimitrova” RG fund “Old Masters” collection, in the Deputies Club.

This exhibition was organized on the initiative of the municipality due to October 21 Kardzhali Day.

MPs from different parties, artists from the capital and Kardzhali, the Kardzhali public representatives took part in the hall.

Mr. Tsacheva said that: “With this exhibition it has been demonstrated that, not only the National Assembly is creating the laws but also it has an understanding of arts and culture.”

Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis thanked for the opportunity to exhibit the tables of the Kardzhali Gallery after 2006. These tables that include the works of Vladimir Dimitrov - Maystora, Ivan Mirkvichka, Bencho Obreshkov, Dimitir Gücenov belong to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

In order to see the “Old Masters” Collection MPs from different parties came. Lütvi Mestan, Necmi Ali, Unal Tasim from HOH; Ivan Kostov from DSB; Volen Siderov from Ataka; the former Minister of Culture Prof. Stefan Danailov and Dimcho Mihalevski from the Bulgarian Coalition; Tsvetan Karayancheva from GERB; the Governor of Kardzhali Ivanka Taushanova were some of these people. The greeting card from the Minister of Culture Vejdi Rashidov, who could not be present in the opening, was read.

HOH deputy Lutvi Mesten said these: “Today Kardzhali was the guest of one of the most important institutions with the symbols that are combining us. Thus, Kardzhali is again exhibiting a positive attitude for our country.”

Dimcho Mihalevski from the Coalition for Bulgaria also celebrated this initiative. According to him, to present exhibition is a message for the future, the duty of the all administrative is to protect the rich fund of gallery of Kardzhali.

GERB deputy Tsvetan Karayancheva implied that the idea of opening exhibition in the National Assembly was important for the city, she underlined that by doing this the East Rhodopes would become more attractive. She wished the Kardzhalian artisans to be guests to the capital in the future..

Among the guests were the Town Council President Seyfi Necib, Head Architect of Kardzhali Petya Nazirova, Dimcho Radev the head of the team that are involved in the process of restoration of the tables, heads of state and municipal institutions and agencies, municipal assembly members, business people, and Kardzhalian who live in Sofia.

The music of Miloslava Slavova and Gergana Chulharova orchestra from Kardzhali also contributed for a good atmosphere in the hall.


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