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Agreement for the right to go to the Ring Road Landfill was

 23 October 2009

Today, the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis stated that the problems of the Gledka about the garbage trucks passing through the neighborhood can be solved in the session of the Regional Development Provincial Assembly. He also stated that he had a conversation with the Deputy of the Environment Ministry, Evdokiya Maneva, with the representatives of the residents Gledka and Gorna Gledka neighborhoods.
An agreement has been made for a ring road that goes to the dumping. For the construction of the road, Municipality of Kardzhali will send another letter to the CSB. It will be asked to fund the construction road in two stages from the CSB and the Ministry of Finance. For the first stage 500000 Levs and for the second stage 2000000 Levs will be demanded. Moreover, in the short term a requested will be send to the Public Procurement Agency for the selection of the company that fulfill the requirements of the road construction.
Eng. Azis said that the whole procedure will take up to three weeks. He also stated that it will take 10 days to start to use the temporary ring road. A meeting had been held with the protests that closed the Visegrad road for an uncertain period and they agree open the road.
In the today's session of the Provincial Assembly of Regional Development the study of the Regional Center of Waste Managing and the issues related to prescribed loading stations for the landfill project were reviewed. The Mayors were agreed to propose a new project to the ministry of Environment and Water for constructing the infrastructure at the center of the waste area and its neighborhood. In the session, the issues about the operation of the loading station and the lack of garbage collection and transport vehicles were also addressed.

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