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The Anthology of Mahmut Daruis is Presented

 28 October 2009

People lived the pain of war know that the evil is always exist since people do anything to destroy him. In fact, there are lots of methods to defeat the evil. One of them is the power of lyrics and the art of the famous Palestinian poet Mahmud Daruis is the proof of it.
Mahmud Daruis has 30 volumes of poems and 8 volumes of prose works.
On 30/10/2009 Friday at 17:00, in te "Krig" Picture Gallery (near the "Moskva" Restaurant) the anthology “There is Nothing Beyond Beyond You” by Mahmud Dauris will beintroduced by the Embassy of Palestinian, Kardzhali Municipality and "Krig" Art Campaign. The Ambassador of Palestine Dr. Ahmed Ali Mazbuh and the interpreters Maya Tsenova and Aziz Tas will talk about the famous poet. After that at 17.30, the new book of Azis Tas will be introduced in "NYVaptsarov" Regional Library.

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