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Meeting with Prof. Boyan Biolçev

 28 October 2009

Yesterday, "Hristo Botev" YDL "Young Historians' Club arranged a meeting with Biolçev Boyan, the literature professor and the former rector of the "Sv. Kliment Ohridski "University, by the help of the director of the History Museum, P. Petkov.
This meeting was held because of November 1 Intellectuals Day.
Proffesor Biolcev has been met in the big hall of the high school. The young historians had prepared a very impressive presentation to the guests, students and teachers.
The director of the Kardzhali History Museum, told the guests the very first intellectual of the Rodops, Orfeus, and gave interesting information about the Rodops.
Then, the president of the club and the call server Yana Ivana Boyacieva gave the floor to Boyan Biolcev. He immediately drew everyone's attention by his experience, knowledge and intelligence. He also answered the questions of the young historians with a great pleasure.
At the end of the meeting Pavel Petkov and Prof. Biolçev donated very important works of literature and history to the school library, and they promised to repeat this activity again.

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