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The Administrative Center of the Ahridos Is Being Restored

 30 October 2009

The administrative center of the East Rodops between the 9th and 12th centuries, located about 2 km’s from the Perperikon is being restored by the archeologist Nikolya Ovcarov and the architect Konstantin Peev.
In these weekdays, Nikolya Ovcarov and Konstantin Peev showed the restored foundations of a Middle Age Church with its thirty rooms located around the Ciftlik Village of the Kardzhali. The operations in this area were started in 2001. At those times, the archeologists discovered the archive of the governor of the Ahridos. Moreover, around the church the graves of about one hundred governors of that area were found and these graves were examined. 120 seals of these governors were also found which were used to sign the letters sending to the capital city, Constantinople. The silver keys and the locks of the treasury of the administrative center were also found.
At those times, The Perperikon was used as a castle and this administrative center was played strategically important role in the state’s governing. Prof. Ovçarov also stated the importance of this administrative center.
The restoration has been took about for months and now it is ready to be visited. The road to this place has benn constructed and in a very short period a parking lot and an illumination system will be constructed. It has been cost 300000 Levs until now and all the works were done by EKSA AŞ.

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