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Eng. Azis met with Ahmed al-Madbuh

 30 October 2009

Today , the mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis, met with the Ambassador of Palestinian, Ahmed al-Madbuh. The meeting was in the afternoon and lasted about an hour.
Ahmed al-Madbuh said: "The feature of the city that the peaceful life of the Christians and the Muslims seems at the first glance, and I think this is because of the success of the governance of the region".
In response, Eng. Azis Kırcaali said that he is trying to represent the peaceful lives of people regardless of their religion. In this sense, he stated that there have not been any skirmish between the religions and the people have been lived in peace for generations. He also stated that: "We should protect the tradition of our ancestors and must work to make our city even more beautiful".
During the conversation, Eng. Azis told about the "Kardzhali; The Capital City of Tolerance" Festival organized by the municipal government and the visit to the Virgin Mary Tomb. He also introduced some large projects realized in the city.
Ambassador Ahmet Al- Mohamet stated that he was affected from what he heard about and shared the idea of being Kardzhali the sibling city of one of the Palestinian cities. The mayor of Kardzhali gave the crystal badges of the citiy and a plaquette to Ahmed Al-Mohamet. The ambassador gave a plaquette, some books and the symbol of the Palestinian, a shawl, to the mayor.
Ahmed al- Madbuh has been the ambassador the Palestinian in Bulgaria since November 2008. He was born in Beirut in 1966 and now he is married with two children. He was graduate from the Department of Political Science of University of Beirut and after that he completed medical training in 1996 in Russia.


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