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Present From the Mayor to the One Hundred Year-Old Nanny in Tri Mogili Village

 30 October 2009

Today, the mayor of the Kardzhali visited the one hundred year-old nanny living in Tri Mogili and gave her a sofa bed as a present. She, Feyme Mustafa Halibryam, was born in February 1909. She could recognize her guest easily and thanked him because of his visit and wished a happy and long life to him. Feyme Mustafa has five children and she lives with her seventy year-old son Aptullah. The old nanny told to the mayor about her past life working in the tobacco fields. Now her primary problem is finding wood or coal for heating. The mayor promised to help her.
The mayor will visit the other three one hundred year-old persons living in the borders of the Munacipality of Kardzhali.

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