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Handiworks and Poems from Palestine

 31 October 2009

An art gallery was organized for the Palestine arts by the Embassy of Palestine, the Municipality of Kardzhali and Krig Art Campaign. In the gallery on the Thrace Boulevard, the original costumes, photos and miniatures are being exhibited. Many of the Kardzhalians visited the exhibition to learn about the culture of the Palestine. The ambassador of the Palestine, Ahmet al-Madmuh was the guest of honor of the exhibition.
He said: “The roots of the handwork, the colors and the shapes on the national costumes reach to the art of the tribes from six thousand years ago”.
The ambassador thanked for the invitation and stated that Kardzhali was the second city of Bulgaria that the exhibition had visited. He also stated the year 2009 is very important for Palestine. He said that Jerusalem is declared as the Capital City of the Arabian Culture by UNESCO and Arabian League Initiative. On 15th of November a Bulgarian committee will visit the Palestine and join some meetings and concerts.
Ahmet al-Madmuh finally stated that “I believe, the art is the shortest way for making the people join together and we are ready to pass this way together”.


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