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Round Table Conference about the Ecological Problems of Kardzhali

 03 November 2009

Today, Lead and Zinc Factory Corp. (LZFC) presented their program for the solution of their ecological problems due to the initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MEA). The host of the meeting was the Munacipality of Kardzhali and the chairman was the Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis. The vice-minister Evdokiya Maneva, specialists from the ministry, the governor of a province İvanka Tauşanova, the president of municipality assembly Seyfi Necib, the members of the assembly, managers of LZFC, representatives from Haskova CSKBM, representatives of Kardzhali TSKDBM and the journalists attended the meeting. At the end of the meeting, it is stated that the factory would be closed if some precautions would not be taken to stop releasing poisoned gases releasing from the chimneys of the factory.
The environment protection expert of the municipality, Asya Dobrucalieva, reminded that the city is being poisoned by the chemical wastes of the factory. She also stated that the amount of lead and cadmium measured from the air of the Student Kladenets neighborhood, which is close to the factory, is tremendously high. The specialists offered the factory to build a purification facility and reduce their production up to 21000 tons/year.
The director manager of the LZFC, Slaveya Stoyanova, presented their production program for the following years and stated that they are planning to modernize the zinc production until the end of 2011 and the lead production until the end of 2012. He also stated that they are planning to construct waste warehouses in the following year.
Evdokiya Maneva stated that the environmental problems are trying to be solved by the MEA, LZFC and the Munacipality of Kardzhali by this second meeting whose first one was in August. She said that they are waiting for the autorotihies form LZFC for the next week to continue the discussions and finally stated that they will be punished by the European Comission unless the taken precautions would be late.


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