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Tobaccos in Kardzhali will be sold until 4th of December

 06 November 2009

Today, the mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis and the head specialist of the Policy of Economy, Huseyin Rahim, visited the tobacco sales center of Siroko Pole village to observe the sales in place.
After the discussions with the citizens it is observed that everything is going as planned and the it is stated that the last date of purchase, 4th of December, is still valid. The producers and the specialists are satisfied with the quality of the tobacco. Today, the mean price for the tobacco in Sİroko Pole was 4.90 Levs/kg and it was up to 5.80 Levs/kg for some of the products.
The specialists of the companies and the headmen of the villages think that the tobaccos of the Perperek region will be sold out in a week.
The mayor Hasan Azis said: “The purchasing campaign is going on normal conditions. The organization is good, the quality of the products is high and we are expecting the producers o earn much money. They are expecting whether there will be bonus or not.“


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