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9th of November, Anniversary of the Foundation of Yordan Yovkov High School

 10 November 2009

Yordan Yovkov High School celebrates its 52nd anniversary of its foundation while the world celebrates the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Despite being modest because of the national flu break, Yordan Yovkov High School celebrates its anniversary of its foundation. The winners of the contests organized for the anniversary of the school and the teachers attended the ceremony in the big hall of the school. Before the ceremony, the pgotography gallery called “The Students of Yovkov Meets the Bulgaria” was opened which was composed of the photographs taken during the trips from the “Yovkov Days”.
The principal of the school Mr. Kuprucieva was opened the ceremony and said “we have to study together to be successful. Let us follow the path of Yovkov and be worthy to him.”
The ceremony continued with the introduction of the new issue of the school paper, White Swallow. The director of the Journalists Cllub Mr. Stefanova introduced the young journalists and they talked about their works. The electronic version of the paper was also presented to the audiences. The most exciting part of the ceremony was the decleration of the owners of the awards of “The Students of Yovkov Meets the Bulgaria” literature contest.


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