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The First Astronomy Tools in Bulgaria will be Exhibited

 17 November 2009

On 20th of November, at 11:00, an exhibition will be opened for the international astronomy year at the entrance of Slavey Zlatev Observatory. In the exhibition there will be the first astronomy and geodesy tools in Bulgaria and Kardzhali. The organizers of this exhibiton is the observatory and H. Smirnenski Civil Vocational School and the exhibition is supported by National Technical Museum. This activity is in the annual program of the observatory due to the international astronomy year. In the previos months, “Draw the Sky” painting contest, astronomy trips, national astronomy Olympiads were organized. The traditional camp school was organized in Bleti Brezi region and some conferences were arranged.
The Kardzhalians and all the guests of the city can see the very first astronomy tools from 18th century in Slavey Zlatev Observatory.

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