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Dijdovnitsa (village) Writes a Love Letter

 10 February 2010

On the 11th of February at 11:00 the gallery called “Dijdovnitsa Writes a Love Letter” opens its doors to the visitors at the Kardzhali “Kng” Art Gallery. The flag including handwriting texts converts the love in Dijdovnitsa Village into an emotional prism. In addition to this the gallery aims to find its place in the international arena in an increasingly globalized world. The letter from Dijdovnitsa includes ditties and the texts of interviews made by “Krik” Art in recent years are included in the letter. Besides the inspirational texts the visitors will be able to see special objects that are used in the engagement ceremonies and in the weddings. The wedding shoes and veil of Ms. Ayse, Red veil of Ms. Umugul, white veil that is given as a gift by Mr. Orhan and the objects from Henna Night can be given as example of these objects.
It is written on a thin candy paper that is protected by Ms. Kalbiye since the Spring Festival;
“The grapes of the rich are big
However my love is like cream
The one who tries to separate us
Will fall down like a poplar”

Among the love confession there are dolorous texts that passed from generation to generation;
“Mulberry tree is sprouted
There is nobody that knows the pain of my heart
Put me in the grave of my love…”

Besides these it is also possible to see ditties that encourage the lovers;
“Look at the stars above the minaret
I will not be going to you cheap”

The lovers are likened to the stars ant love letters.


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