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“Pirvi na Horoto” Community in Kardzhali

 16 February 2010

“Pirvi na Horoto” Community in Kadzhali brings the folk dance addicts together every Tuesday and Thursday. People from different age groups and of different professions are learning “Daycevo” and “Elenio” folk dances. Even though the number of the females is high in the community there are also representatives of Gulcu”. The president of the community, Vasko Vasilev, said: “The community operates since 6 years. More than 150 people took part in this community. Everyone is dancing here with a great discipline and desire. The repertoire of the amateur choreograph community includes dances from different regions. The participants are learning “Sirtaki” eagerly by Ricenitsa Horon. Vasilka Zapryanova says; “At the beginning, I did not think that I would continue dancing for a long time. But it has been several years since I begun. I have 3 grandchildren, I am a teacher. And I feel great here. I made half of my colleagues join this community.” Trial investigator, Sevguzar tells these; “I learned many kinds of dances however “Camburista” is my favorite. I love dancing here; I think it is better than dancing here than going to the gym.” Zina Kasabova is working at the Municipality. She said that dancing made her relax and feel better. According to the members of the “Pırvi na horoto” Community dancing is good for a healthy and good looking body and they invite everybody to join the community.


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