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The Mayor of Kardzhali and Some Workers of “Bulfanco” who are on Strike Went to Komotini for Negotiation

 16 February 2010

The Mayor of Komotini, Dimitrios Kottsakis accepted the Mayor of Kardzhali, Eng. Hasan Azis and the representatives of workers of “Bulfanco” who are on strike. Eng. Azis declared the demands of the workers to his colleagues. The workers of the company demand their unpaid wages that is about 100.000 EUR and the meal tickets. The Mayor stated that although he was pleased with the investment made by the company he could not remain unresponsive to the current situation. Moreover he mentioned that they came to Komotini to meet the Management of the “Bulfanco” since the managers of the company in Kardzhali did not responded to the questions. Mayor Azis stated that they understood that the company had some financial problems however they wanted the company to fulfill their responsibilities to their employees. He thanked Mr. Kottsakis for his understanding and cooperation. Mayor of Komotini confirmed that the company had some problems in Greece too and he was ready to help as best as he could. Town councilor, Ehliman Coban also attended the meetings. Afterwards the representatives of the “Podkrepa” Syndicate met with the Greek syndicate members. Besides the two Mayors governors of Kardzhali and Rodopi-Evros attended this meeting. At the meeting the situation of the company until the end of the month was discussed, whether the firm will recover from the crises or whether it will go bankrupt was evaluated. The president of Kardzhali Region “Podkrepa” Syndicate, Magdalena Ahcieva, the chairman of the strike, Sevginar Selim, and the representatives of workers of “Bulfanco” who are on strike discussed for a common plan to achieve their aim. The members of Bulgarian and Greek syndicates agreed upon a joint strike after the 24th of February. Mayor Azis said that in the case of a joint strike he would help for the transportation.


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