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Invitation to Public Meeting

 17 February 2010

Municipality of Kardzhali announces to the public, related people and organizations. Municipality of Kardzhali organizes public meeting about taking on the responsibility of the short term borrowing for the projects with grant contracts. Within the context of the 2001-2013 “Regional Development” Operational Program of Municipality of Kardzhali the following grant contracts were signed;
• Contract at the date 22.05.2009 and with the code BG161PO001/1.1-01/2007/061. The cost of general amendment of the building of “Social House Aid” in Kardzhali, providing some tools for the place and repairing some parts of the “Nadejda (Hope)” Daily Rescue Home is 1.125 Levs.
• Contract at the date 25.06.2009 and with the code BG161PO001/1.4-03/2008/012. The cost of settling the 2.300-2.600 kilometers of the road between Kardzhali and Borovitsa in order to prevent landslide is 999.677 Levs.
• Contract at the date 21.10.2009 and with the code BG161PO001/1.4-02/2008/006. The cost of constructing Kardzhali “Arpezos-Sever” Park and “Biznes Park-I and II” is 8.704.368,18 Levs.
The public meeting will start at 17.00 at the date 24.02.2010 (Wednesday). The meeting will take place at the Kardzhali Biznesinkubator Hall. You can access the mentioned projects until the date 23.02.2010 (Tuesday) 16.30 at the Kardzhali Biznesinkubator building “Project Management” Department (In the courtyard of SOU “Otets Paisiy” School). The related person is the head of the “Project Management” Department, Nadejda Tsvetkova.
Contact Address: Kardzhali, Bilgariya Boulevard, 8470;41
Telephone: 0361/21651
The citizens can state their opinions and thoughts through in written form and mail or bring them to the contact address stated above until 23.02.2010 16.30.
The citizens who want to make a speech at the meeting have to apply to the same address to make registration until 23.02.2010 16.30.
The public meeting will be, managed by the rapporteur who is authorized by Mayor Eng. Hasan Azis.
Mayor of Kardzhali
Hasan Azis

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