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Let’s Remember the Will of Our Freedom Leader!

 19 February 2010

On the 19th of February many of the Kardzhali citizens came together in front of the Vasil Levski Monument to show their respects to the Freedom Leader. Commemoration organized due to the 137th year of the dead of the great patriotic was the product of a collaboration of the Municipality of Kardzhali and “V. Levski” District Committee. Groups from each school in Kardzhali and the banner bearers from each of those schools attended to the commemoration. In front to the monument of the Freedom Leader representational student soldiers kept guard in front of the monument. Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis said; “I want to remind you the last letter of the Freedom Leader which is known rarely and unfortunately have been used for collective cases for many years. I think this letter is the most obvious example that reflects the theorist characteristics of Levski and shows that he was the architect of the war if independence and strategy”. Mayor emphasized Levski’s messages that are valid even today; “Liberation can be possible only by working together, however by liberation working does not terminate but starts; In order to converge to other European countries Bulgaria will need honest and proud people who will bring welfare to country; A war will be made against the ones who exploit the money that belongs to public; The ones who spread ethnic and religion discrimination and aversion will be punished; People have to be careful when electing state government; The ones who make law and do not follow them will be sued.” Mayor Azis underlined that the heritage that Vesil Levski left to the humanity was systematic, well rounded and actual. From the will of Levski it can be seen that he was a great statesman, fair and one step ahead from the others in terms of far sightedness. Mayor Azis completed his speech by saying these; “This letter have to be read over and over again. The notebook in which Levski wrote the payments made, his fears and his sufferings and in which he kept a diary has to be read. Dear fellows, I hope we can keep the memories of Levski alive and be deserve his sacrifice. Otherwise we cannot work for our country and legate Levski to our children. I greet the Bulgarian freedom leader with respect.” Commemoration ended with one minute homage. Government, district offices, members of the parliament, political parties, social and cultural communities, other organizations, schools and citizens brought flowers and wreaths to the Levski’s monument.


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