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 22 February 2010

Today, the 21st of February – International Native Language Day was celebrated with a public discussion. Directors of the schools and language teachers attended to the session organized by the Municipality of Kardzhali in addition to the mayors of the provision and districts. Georgi Kristev, Stoyanka Pocekanska, Dr. Dora Stereva, Yasar Saban, Hakif Emin, Esat Sadik and Emiliya Vladeva were official guests of the discussion.
Session started with the speech of Deputy of Mayor of Kardzhali, Elisavete Kehayova. She stated that she wished this day to be a opportunity to think about the languages. She mentioned that while the mothers educate their children they teach them the language first of all. All the participants of the session were greeted by the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis. Mayor claimed that the problems related to learning languages would be determined during the session and this would pave the way for the future works. Mayor Azis reminded that International Native Language Day was celebrated in an effort to help to protect the cultural and linguistic richness over the world in 2000 for the first time. Moreover he mentioned that language was the strongest of all material and immaterial heritages.
Kardzhali Regional Education Inspectorate Native Language Senior Inspector Harun Bekir talked about the law which enables the education of the Native Language at schools. According to the data 3738 students from primary and secondary schools in Kardzhali are desirous to learn their native language. It is stated that 34 of 94 native language teachers are permanent workers. The language classes continue to be given according to the decreed in 2006 and to the within the context of required elective courses. Moreover the students can take the language courses as free elective courses.
In the session the problems that are faced and exist for a long time during the education of language were underlined. Some of these problems are the insufficiency of the educational books and supporting materials, the lack of actual and educational materials and diminishing quotas of specialization courses for teachers.
Representative of Ministry Stoyanka Pocekanska said that the information gained during the session was important for the Ministry since the information could be used to determine the problems faced in the language education. According to her Ministry of Education provided adequate opportunity for the language education in the country. Native language education can be in Turkish, Armenian, Hebrew and in Romany as well as in Bulgarian according to different ethnic groups. Ms. Pocekanska said that she hoped the countries whose languages are thought can give financial support for the educational and organizational purposes. She mentioned the importance of the diplomatic steps and agreements.
Dr. Dora Stereva read the bulletin called “Learning Native Language and Working in Multi-national Regions of the Teachers of the Future”. Deputy of Head Auditor Yasar Saban and Public Mediator of Municipality of Kardzhali Hakif Emin also shared their opinions with the participants. At the end of the session Mayor of Kardzhali Hasan Azis rewarded the winners of the “My Native Language” Essay Competition.


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