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It is being suggested to reorganize the flows of the ways of the two junctions

 24 February 2010

The management of the Municipality suggested reorganizing the flows of the ways of the two junctions where the traffic is very heavy. One of these junctions are in Veselchane and the other one is located after the new bridge in Vizrojdentsi. Proposition will be discussed in the Road Safety Commission that will take place today.
3 different projects about the junction in Veselchane will be discussed. One of these projects was introduced to the media yesterday by the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis. The project presented suggests making the road five-lane which is three-lane at present. Two of these lines will be used for the transit passes. Expanding the road will slightly narrow the sidewalk. There is also a project of the reorganizing the junction in Vizrojdentsi after the construction of new bridge.

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