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The roads are being inspected

 24 February 2010

A committee that is founded by the order of Mayor of Kardzhali will inspect the general situation of the roads. Committee members consist of the representatives of the Municipality management, the representatives of the Simeks Company which was deployed to upkeep the roads last year and the representatives of the company that provides asphalt. The reasons of the inspection are the patches made to cover the holes on the roads, used slag and other materials and the road in the Municipality that are in bad condition.
The Management of Municipality feels responsible to the residents and guests of the city for the current situation. There are huge holes in the places of the patches that were made before the winter. Instead of them there are also new holes on the roads. The commission has to make an explanation until the weekend about how the roads were worn out so quickly. There is one other think that concerned the Mayor of Kardzhali , filling the holes with pebbles. Eng. Hasan Azis mentioned that the people who thought that inconceivable idea should be explored. He added that these behaviors were far from being professional.

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