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Excellency James B. Warlick Jr. will grace to Kardzhali tomorrow

 25 February 2010

Tomorrow, 26th of February, the Mayor of Kardzhali Eng. Hasan Azis will host Bulgarian Ambassador of United States of America Excellency James B. Warlick Jr. Making a statement to the press and a press conference is being planned after the meeting.
In the afternoon the guest is going to visit the George Washington Street and make a brief declaration to the press there.
The opening of the George Washington Street was made in October 2008 with the participation of representatives from Elhart. The length of the street is 788 meters and the Municipality of Kardzhali financed the construction of the street. It costed 1.583.000 Levs to construct it. George Washington Street reduces the traffic where the Bulair and Republikanska Streets combine. Without passing through the city center, it is 3 times faster to go to Vizrojdentsi from Pazar.

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